Joyful Resilience

Coaching Group for Social Change Leaders

Bring a sense of joy, spaciousness, and possibility to even the most challenging times.

Next round of this group starts September 2019! More details coming soon :)


🌅 What: Joyful Resilience: A 4-month in-person coaching group

✊ Who: Community leaders, educators, artists, organizers, activists, and entrepreneurs working to create a just and sustainable world

⏱ When: March 19 – June 18, 2019 • Tuesdays 7:00 – 9:00pm Pacific

🏡 Where: The Hearth - Coaching House, Oakland CA (address upon registration)

🌻 Led by: Daniel Jubelirer, life & leadership coach for changemakers

💸 Price: Pay-What-You-Can! (suggested sliding scale $50-$150/month)

In this group I’ll help you clear the lost, overwhelmed, scattered feeling that often happens when you're going for something important. You'll then see exactly what you need to do next. Coaching brings lasting change—advice, a 3-step prescription, and lists of tips can't come close.

Why Joyful Resilience? Why now?

We are living in times of unpredictable, fast-paced change marked by crisis and opportunity. Will we usher in a Great Turning to an era of justice, economic and political transformation, and healing? Or will things just get worse? It is truly up to us — people who are called to be effective agents of change and visionary leaders — to give everything we’ve got to create a better world for all.

Yet, changing course takes so much energy. We can’t know if we’ll see the changes we are working for within our lifetimes, and this uncertainty can be daunting and scary. I’ve seen so many activists burn out, losing sight of their vision and becoming bitter, cynical, overwhelmed, and ineffective. We can and must do better!

Cultivating resilience amidst intense, uncertain change is a skill that can be developed, with the right support. As a coach for changemakers, I share skills and tools for you to be joyous, focused and resilient, especially when you’re up to really important work. If you’re ready to learn these skills and take your social change work to the next level, this is the group for you.

Imagine your social change work being so energizing that you wake up excited each morning and go to sleep content and grateful.

Imagine being truly successful in the goals you’re playing for. What would it be like for you to bring joy, clarity, and possibility to social movements, so that more and more people easily get involved? This group is here to support you bringing joy, possibility, and resilience to social change.


“Perhaps human’s core function is love. Love leads us to observe in a much deeper way than any other emotion. When we are engaged in acts of love, we humans are at our best and more resilient.” ~ adrienne maree brown

😩 Does this sound like you? You...

Have a burning desire to see a transformed, sustainable world filled with justice, but sometimes get stuck feeling frustrated and cynical about how to get there

Spend more time and energy worrying about “the state of the world” than on meaningful action towards your goals

Have trouble showing up as your full, radiant, joyous self in social change work

Are burning out and exhausted in your social change work, and ready to make a change

Overthink things and get stressed out making decisions

Are worried about if you’re really making the difference you’re here to make

Have a job that you hate and are afraid to leave, but you know you can’t continue with the status quo

Struggle with how to generate a sustainable income while going for your social change vision

☄️ In this group, I’ll support you to…

  • Create a life you love, which sustains and nourishes you as you go for your social change goals.

  • Shift from overwhelm to ease in your work and life.

  • Cultivate resilience in the face of intense and unpredictable change.

  • Easily get present, centered, and focused when you have “too much going on to keep track of.”

  • Gain crystal clarity on the contribution you are here to make towards a better world.

  • Develop skills to use your time, money, and energy wisely.

  • Bring your vision forward amidst lots of change and uncertainty.

✨ What you get:

16 hours of coaching in a community context.

A 1-1 private coaching session with me.

A support buddy to make good on your promises.

Lasting transformation (versus momentary changes).

Tools and skills that you can apply across your life.

💻 Social change leaders do not need more Zoom calls!

I chose an in-person format intentionally, because I don’t think we need more Zoom calls! In this group, we practice being the world we want to see by demonstrating joyful resilience together. By gathering in person, we create a supportive community container that is empowering and uplifting. We create a powerful space together, and with me as your coach, our community space provides each participant the opportunity to live your with clarity, focus, ease, and grace.

🙌 What’s group coaching?

A coaching group isn’t a discussion group or a time to commiserate with each other in our feelings, nor a place to debate abstracts concepts or to share advice. Coaching creates a powerful space for you to get clear and see a path forward where you might currently be stuck. Group coaching is a gathering of peers who come together to be coached directly by me, your Coach, in our sessions. It is a space to see that you’re not alone in the thoughts you have and the challenges you face. In this group you will practice listening for what you can personally learn from another peer’s coaching session. In my coaching group, you’ll bring specific individual challenges and situations relevant to your life to each session, and you’ll leave each session with a clear next step that you set out of the coaching.

🌊 My Approach

I'm a professionally trained life and leadership coach. As a coach, I’m dedicated to you seeing who you are in your heart: your greatness, your magic, what brings you alive, so that you can be a well-spring of contribution to others and to the movement with clarity, focus, ease and grace.

My approach is grounded in principles found across spiritual and secular traditions, from ancient wisdom teachings to the latest research in neuroscience. In coaching,I share an elegant framework of tools and practices for living your values, realizing your vision, and empowering others.

My approach honors the wholeness and dignity of each person, and affirms our capacity to move beyond internal limitations and navigate external obstacles with grace. As a coach, I don’t give advice or tell you what to do; rather, coaching puts your own wisdom into action.

Some useful distinctions about what coaching is and is not:

  • Therapy is about healing and self-insight; coaching is about action.

  • Consulting prescribes expertise-based solutions; coaching emboldens you to act on your own wisdom.

  • Mentoring guides you based on a mentor’s wisdom; coaching guides you according to your own values and intentions.

  • Training follows a set curriculum toward set objectives; coaching reveals your own objectives and a path to fulfill them.

  • Coaching supports you to get clear on what is truly important to you and to move forward past where you are currently stuck.

🏡 Location:

Daniel’s house, The Hearth, Oakland CA (near Lake Merritt, address provided upon registration). I live in an intentional community which is a community of practice at the intersections of coaching and social change.

Our living room “coaching dojo” provides a sweet, spacious, and cozy space for coaching. While our house is not ADA accessible, we have several options to make it more accessible. Please speak with me if you have any accessibility needs and I will do everything I can to support you :)

🗓 Dates and time:

We’ll meet on the below Tuesdays, 7-9pm Pacific Time.

  • March 19

  • March 26

  • April 16

  • April 30

  • May 14

  • May 28

  • June 11th

  • June 18th

💸Cost: Pay What You Can!

It is so important to me to offer coaching to the community in an accessible way, so that call can benefit. In the spirit of generosity and gratitude, I am offering this group on a pay-what-you-can basis! Suggested monthly recurring payment for four months:

$50/Month if you are living month-to-month

$100/Month if you are financially stable

$150/Month if you are financially flourishing

How it works: pay what you can, no more AND no less. For your sake, I don’t want this to be a hardship for you — AND, I don’t want you to “underpay” in any way that might “leave the door open” for you to disengage or give up on the transformation you are here to get from this group. For that reason, I suggest reading the sliding scale tiers above, and ask yourself:

“What would be a true ‘stretch’ but not a hardship?”

“What price would rule out any thought in my mind of not engaging 100%?”

“What if I feel bad about what I’m paying?”

Pay with joy and keep it simple. 🙂 This is the best way to honor my work! Just make sure it’s really a stretch, and not a hardship. Pay more and help folks join who otherwise couldn’t. OR pay less, knowing you’re giving what you truly can. On the registration form, you enter the amount each month you can pay.

"What's it worth?"

As a professional coach, I’ve been trained by one of the most rigorous coaching schools in the world. I’ve logged over 100 hours of 1-1 coaching under supervision, and I’ve gotten proven results with dozens of clients.  At my 1-1 rate, 16 hours of coaching would cost $1,700. With the group format, I can offer coaching to you at a fraction of that cost.

Ready to Join? Register Below.

Note: Registration for the spring 2019 group has closed.

Want to chat first and see if this group is for you? Schedule a time below. Have any further questions? Email me coach AT danieljubelirer DOT com :)