Finish Your Year Strong

Coaching Group to End 2019 fulfilled and ready to dream big for 2020.

End 2019 doing the things you said you would do, with clarity, focus, ease and grace

~ The Details ~

🌅 What: Finish Your Year Strong, a 7-session Coaching Group

✊ Who: Purpose-driven leaders, educators, artists, organizers, activists, and entrepreneurs who are ready to finish their year strong

⏱ When: November 5th-December 2019. Register by Oct 31!

🏡 Where: Online via Zoom video call sessions

🌻 Led by: Daniel Jubelirer, life & leadership coach for changemakers

💸 Price: Pay What You Can! Suggested rate of $175-$300.

🌱 Early Bird Discount: Register by October 15th and receive 15% off! Use code EARLYBIRD15OFF at checkout :)

✨ In this coaching group, you will:

  • End 2019 grateful and fulfilled, knowing you completed something important to you.

  • Set yourself up strong for 2020: clean up any incomplete business that is “leaking” your energy, so that you can start 2020 fresh & dream big.

  • Learn skills, tools and practices to make a greater impact in the world and bring ease to your work and life.

Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace, and power in it.

-W.H. Murray, The Scottish Himalayan Expedition

Reflect back on your vision for this year and remember: what were the things I said I would do this year, the things that would really bring me joy and contribute to others? Chances are, there is at least one thing you haven’t done yet that you said you would! 

This group is for you if you want to end your 2019 with fulfillment, really doing the thing you’ve continually put off all year.

It is common to put things off, saying “I’ll get to it soon,” “I’m too busy right now,” or “well, I can do that next year.”  Perhaps you worry you don’t have what it takes to follow through on your goal, or you spend so much time overthinking how to do it, you don’t even get started (it is SO NORMAL to do this!)

Two-Part Plan to Finish 2019 Strong:

1. Score a goal you said you’d go for in 2019 

It doesn’t have to be huge!

2. Clean up at least one item of unfinished business, to free up your energy

Just taking one small, sweet step here can have a transformative effect

You’ll leave this coaching group clear on at least one idea you can complete and celebrate before 2019 ends, and you’ll get the support to make a clear plan to take action on it past the point where you’ve been talking yourself out of it.

I’ll coach you to “clear the fog” that has been getting in the way of you taking action. When you learn to clear this fog, it will ripple out and affect all areas of your life. From there, you’ll have a community of support to make an action plan and set small, sweet steps to get you going.

I’ll coach you to complete this exciting project or goal using four principles: Clarity. Focus. Ease. Grace. 

When you use these principles, scoring your goal won’t be a struggle. Yes, it will take effort, you’ll put in energy and face some discomfort. But using the principles of clarity, focus, ease and grace, scoring your goal will be a joyous and exciting process. You’ll finish the year more energized than when you started because you’ll have moved forward with something important to you :) This will set you up to dream big and set exciting new goals for 2020.

Lower the bar to be successful: You need not set a massive goal in this coaching group. In fact, I’ll support you to set attainable, exciting goals that you really can complete. It might be small! Sometimes small is good. I’ll coach you to create a goal that is a stretch but will not cause you to panic.

Examples of things you might act on out of this group: 

  • Writing a song

  • Asking that crush out on a first date

  • Hosting a fundraiser

  • Going on a camping trip 

  • Volunteering for a local community organization 

  • Throwing a birthday party for a loved one 

  • Taking a painting class

  • Attending a march, protest or direct action 

  • Cooking a meal for your friends or family 

When you follow-through on things you said you’d do this year, you feel an immense sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. In the moment you take action you know you are doing what you’re meant to do. The world looks brighter and colors are more vivid. What would it be like to end 2019 with a bang, completing something of real importance to you? 

Start a new Decade With a Fresh Slate.

In addition to scoring exciting goals, this group will support you to complete unfinished business that is leaking your energy so you can start 2020 fresh and clear. We all have those lingering messes we’ve been meaning to clean up, but don’t: Bills unpaid. That corner of your room you’ve been meaning to organize. Setting up that dentist appointment. Calling that friend to apologize. Responding to old emails.

In this group I’ll show you how cleaning up even one of those unfinished items frees up fresh energy to pursue your goals and dreams. When you complete those items it brings sweet relief and fresh energy. In this coaching group I will partner with you to go past the point you’ve previously stopped yourself in cleaning up unfinished business. You will identify at least one item of unfinished business and make a clear plan and take action on it!

Examples of cleaning up unfinished business: 

  • Making a budget

  • Apologizing to a friend 

  • Cleaning out your garage

  • Answering old emails 

  • Going to the doctor 

  • Paying off old bills or debts

  • Returning items you’ve borrowed

  • Obtaining appropriate personal and professional insurance 

  • Renewing licenses or permits

  • Organizing Your Room

    When you do these things, immediately your energy is freed up! You feel clear, present and alive because these things are no longer “weighing you down.” By completing unfinished business you literally free up space in your life for something new to emerge. What would it be like to go into 2020 with that free space and fresh energy? 

How This Group Works

Coaching creates a powerful space for you to get clear and see a path forward where you might currently be stuck. Group coaching is a gathering of peers who come together to be coached directly by me, your coach. It is a space to see that you’re not alone in the thoughts you have and the challenges you face. In this group you will practice listening for what you can personally learn from another peer’s coaching session. A coaching group isn’t a discussion group or a time to commiserate with each other in our feelings, nor a place to debate abstracts concepts or to share advice. It is an empowering, hands-on space to get clear and see a possibility for action.

On our group calls, you will:

  • Get clear on a joyful and meaningful goal you want to complete by the end of 2019

  • Learn about what stops people from achieving their goals

  • Get coached on any obstacles to scoring this goal

  • See new ways to approach taking action that are generative and filled with ease

  • Receive training in an elegant framework for discerning your worries from the truth, which you can put to use immediately

  • Set small, sweet steps to move forward

  • Be in a community of support to celebrate your progress and be inspired by others

💻 We’ll meet for coaching sessions Tuesdays 5:00-7:00 pm Pacific Time on the following dates:

In addition to group calls, you’ll be part of a secret Finish Your Year Strong Facebook Group, and have unlimited text and email access with me during the program. Having this community support around you will make finishing 2019 strong very fun!

  • November 5th

  • November 12th

  • November 19th

  • November 26th

  • December 3rd

  • December 10th

  • December 17th

💸 Cost: Pay-What-You-Can!

I am offering this group on a pay-what-you-can basis! The investment for this group is a suggested 1-time payment of:

$175 If you’re living month-to-month

$237 If you’re financially stable

$300 If you’re financially flourishing 

How it works: pay what you can, no more AND no less. For your sake, I don’t want this to be a hardship for you — AND, I don’t want you to “underpay” in any way that might “leave the door open” for you to disengage or give up on the transformation you are here to get from this group. For that reason, I suggest reading the sliding scale tiers above, and ask yourself:

“What would be a true ‘stretch’ but not a hardship?”

“What price would rule out any thought in my mind of not engaging 100%?”

“Am I willing to register at that level?”

“What if I feel bad about what I’m paying?”

Pay with joy and keep it simple. 🙂 This is the best way to honor my work! Just make sure it’s really a stretch, and not a hardship. Pay more and help folks join who otherwise couldn’t. OR pay less, knowing you’re giving what you truly can. On the registration form, you may select “Other” and enter an amount that works for you.

“What’s it worth?”

14 hours coaching 1:1 with me would cost $1500-$2,265. Leading a group program lets me offer this at a fraction of that price!

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